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Vision Of The Blood Moon

At last! I finally, finally got to see an eclipse! I am euphoric! What. A. Spectacle. My neck hurts from staring up at the sky for hours and I’ve barely slept, but it’s a vision that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Or at least till my brain holds up.
I’ve always been unlucky when it came to watching an eclipse. The weather is most often the spoil sport. Or I’d be plonked in a place where we simply can’t view it. Everyone talks about the total solar eclipse of the 80s. India fell right in the path, and people remember the day going dark for a few minutes. I don’t remember any of it. Mostly because all our homes were blacked out by thick blankets and curtains...and we were all cooped inside.  
The second total solar eclipse that I remember was marred by cloud cover. I was in college I think, and there was a direct relay of the eclipse on Doordarshan. We missed to see the diamond ring because the camera man panned to show the people gathered to watch the eclipse, and then they …

Unbranded Author

As a published author, one of the most frequently flung questions I dodge (from people whom I’ve only just met) is, “How many copies have you sold?” Not...”what do you write about?” or even, “what is the title?” Honestly, I don’t know the answer. Perhaps I should write to the publisher asking for a statement – they oblige very promptly. But then, it is not a statistic I’m interested in. No, I don’t mean to be smug...lord knows I can use an income. But right now, I’m more interested in nurturing a loyal set of readers. That’s the statistic I’m more interested in – will I get repeat-readers for my second book?
Adite Banerjie, an author with Harlequin India, writes a superbly articulated and balanced post on the current trend of “author branding”.  In the current scenario—and I’ll limit myself to Indian (English) publishing—it is not only enough if you have a branding strategy for your books, but you should also package yourself  as brand. 
The book marketing game in India is like a glitz …

The Rebellious Manuscript - ENCOUNTERS

Between my academic deadlines and manuscript commitments, I’ve not had much time to lift my head and look around...and with kids being washed ashore...I kind of felt keeping my head down was a better option.

Right now...I’m in the throes of that familiar restlessness. The kind that makes you wish the earth could spin faster so that time (or at least our illusion of it) lapses faster. It’s a sense of urgency that makes you want to scream at a slow poke world. My second book is out there somewhere; the manuscript is being typeset...the space between alphabets and words and sentences and paragraphs are being meticulously measured...the printer all ready to transfer those bytes permanently on to paper....that final, irreparable act.

The gestation period for Encounters has been at least five years. Five. In fact, Encounters came into its own shape and being only last year, after I managed to put together pieces of writing that I’d done over a period of time. These were stories that had sta…