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(This post is in honour of Cecil, and many of his fellow-animals slaughtered by monsters)

I’ve more or less given up reading news. Not because the human situation is so dire and depressing – but because I’ve stopped feeling anything. Be it beheadings, bombings, depravity in the name of religion, or the extraordinary agony of millions of refugees and “illegal” immigrants escaping the frying pan and falling into the fire.
Despite my alarming levels of apathy, there are certain kinds of news that do manage to push my rage button instantly. Not anger – but blinding, livid, blood-boiling rage. For example, the news about Cecil the lion. That majestic, royal, beautiful beast. Tricked into its death by a lowly coward. Cecil was lured into a trap, struck down by a modern bow and arrow weapon, thereafter, beheaded and skinned.
The perpetrator of this heinous hunt is a doctor no less, a millionaire dentist living in Minnesota – Dr Walter Palmer. When he’s not filling up cavities, this vermin has …

Quest For A Cure

Well, now that most of my to-do stuff is kind of out of the way, I cease to be a stranger at this blog.  So what had kept me away from this haven? Firstly, I wanted to get my upcoming book out of the way. 
Secondly (which should have really been “firstly”) I was busy finalising my masters research proposal for ethics approval etc. 
Thirdly, I had to rework on a manuscript. Massive rework. 
Fourthly, I was mildly chided for being a recluse and not interacting with my readers...I mean, I’m not active on twitter and I don’t have an ‘author page’ on Facebook - I’d rather have people ‘like’ my books, rather than 'like' me. So as a compromise, I now have a website, where my mugshot has been inflicted upon the world. I have also managed to sum up my life in a brief paragraph, in case you wish to know "more" about me. So scoot to this link if you are curious.
Once all the above chores were done, I spent many sunny days catching up on my reading – more on that later. And watchin…