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Birth - Movie Review

I’m quite in awe of Nicole Kidman. It’s not easy to be as superbly glamorous as her, and yet, take on roles that deeply disturb us, challenging us to peek outside our safe moral frameworks...into that scary amoral vista that exists like peripheral vision. I mean I had to blow my brains out after watching her in Paper Boy. She brings out disgust and sympathy in equal measures. Or what of her exasperating fragility in Stoker?  Perhaps her gray roles hit hard because she’s able to process changes in the character in a very nuanced way. She can transition from a smile to a sulk to downright fury without raising her voice. Guess that’s why the directors like to zoom a close up on just that one dialog or scene of her’s. I tell you it’s fascinating to watch her chiselled face crumble, her pupils dilate, as her character literally comes undone. Check this out –

So when Birth was screened late one night on, I vaguely remembered Nicole was in the movie. I was in no mood to watch a drama but cur…

The Downward Spiral

There’s often bewilderment when someone with a history of depression commits suicide. Same goes with someone with history of addiction. There is an erroneous judgement that depression – especially clinical depression – can be overcome by life-style changes, and by ‘being happy’ and ‘positive’. Similarly we think addiction – be it alcohol or substance abuse – can be overcome by willpower alone. What we need to understand is that in these cases, the biggest threat to life comes from within. Today’s Write Tribe's blog prompt is about answering a question. So I’ll try to answer the question about the biological basis of depression and addiction.
I’ll try to use very few technical terms...but even so, bear with me as we tour our brain. So, let’s start with the very basic neurotransmitters. These are chemicals that help ‘transfer’ signals from one neuron (brain cell) to the next. So...let’s say you see a slice of raw mango smeared with salt, chilli powder. Your body’s first ‘reaction’ to…

The Write List

As a part of Write Tribe’s prompt, today’s is a ‘list blog’. I figured I’d give a list of practices I employ whilst working on a manuscript. Sharing it with all you writers – would love to hear your ‘rules’ too J
1)Plan to write a solid chunk – perhaps 1500-2000 words in one sitting. Depending on what you are writing, this chunk should more or less take a piece of the story to its logical conclusion – example, a chapter or a set of chapters describing an incident, introducing the conflict etc.
2)Select a time of the day/night when you can write relatively uninterrupted. This is especially difficult if you are working and have a family. But do find those quiet pockets of time.
3)Outside your writing time-slot, when you are finishing up your regular chores, keep writing mentally. In fact, this occurs quite naturally when you are chest-deep in your manuscript. You go over dialogues, characters, situations in your mind relentlessly. This ‘marinating’ time is very essential  - if this is don…

The Bull Run

Can any of you interpret this dream?
It is afternoon or nearing noon. A friend (whose face I can’t see, but I ‘know’ she is my classmate from college) and I are walking down a road. It’s one of those narrow roads of Bengaluru – the one you find in any old area of the city that’s not been touched by builders. In my dream, I’m in one such older part of Koramangala. Anyway we are walking and from somewhere this huge black bull appears. It’s like one of those Spanish fighting bulls.
Next thing I know my friend and I have run inside a compound of sorts to get away from the bull. There is no house here – just a ledge...a porch actually....what we call as ‘jagli’ in Kannada. Seeing that the bull will be upon us, I communicate with my friend to clamber on to the ledge...sure that the bull can’t reach us there. We both are now on the ledge – but the bull begins to buck. I can sense that in a couple of attempts it can easily jump on to the ledge. I motion my friend to run to the far end as the b…