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We all know there’s a dark side to any social networking site; much the same way there’s a dark side to the society we live in. Facebook is no different. It’s no secret that escort services and other sleazy rings have adopted FB to expand their scope of operation. For people like you and me – who probably use FB to post our blog links and the odd travel photos (without our mug shots) – this underbelly is always unseen. It is some kind of a netherworld that operates below the radar. Or so I thought.
I’ve always been a stickler for privacy settings – even if the photos I put up are of trees and benches in lonely places. So it came as a surprise when I realised how close the danger lurks. A blogger friend of mine posted in our group in a right state of panic.  She came to know that her profile photo was being used as the profile photo of another user...a woman with a very traditional south Indian name. A couple of us investigated further and sat back disturbed. The fake profile has mor…

Are You Bookalicious?

Back after a long time, isn’t it? My classes don’t start till the end of the month, and I have some prep work for an upcoming research module. Besides, I’m catching up on my reading. Serious reading. It’s the way I used to read back in student days...during summer hols. Morning to really late into the night. I even manage to stir the rasam with a book wedged between my thumb and pinky – so far no major culinary disasters have taken place.  
That book tag in FB that everyone is snarling at could not have come at a better time. I caught on late – by then people were getting annoyed – how their timelines are being flooded by these pompous lists; how everyone is suddenly pretending to have eclectic taste in literature. Sheesh! So anyway, I sent the list only to the two people who’d tagged me. The list, as I understood, was supposed to be the ten books that came up in your mind at that instant...and not the ten books that made you look terribly intellectual to your ‘friends’.
It is rather t…