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A Fortnight Of Letters

I never figured receiving a handwritten letter can make one so hand-clapping happy. I mean I’ve never had anyone write to me and post a letter – ever. When I say write, I mean actually write – bending fingers to hold a pen and all that. The only posts that come in my name are bills, coupons and catalogues. So imagine my delight when I spotted the letter, hiding shyly behind a catalogue for holiday cottages. Of course I’d been expecting it – but still.
My name and address was written in a tiny scrawl. I opened the envelope and two sheets slid out – words filling them in a slightly slanted, tightly loopy style. I read the letter twice. There is a certain magic in reading a letter written by someone you’ve never met. But I know her. We are a part of a blogging group – and although I’ve never heard her voice or her laughter – I know Janaki as if we’d been next door neighbours for decades. The letter itself was general banter, yet it sealed a bond. There was something so touching in thi…

Dhoom 3 And Stream Of Consciousness

Just in case you care - CONTAINS SPOILERS Just in case you care more - this is actually more of stream of unconsciousness, hence the incoherent tenses.

The invitation to watch Dhoom 3 came from the unlikeliest quarters. A banker and a CA duo. The CA, we shall call her ‘B’, is known for her fierce scowl when she encounters anything farcical. The banker, we’ll call him ‘J’, B’s husband, is a sedate gent with a constant, wondrous expression about every new experience in life – pleasant and unpleasant. Both are erudite – nonetheless – when encountered with a visual spectacle such as a flock of geese flying across clear skies – J will remember and recite a poem, whereas B will count the number of geese.
We settled down for a night show of Dhoom 3. B was already emitting her fierce scowls. Given a choice she’d have curled up on bed reading taxation laws – but J was hell bent on inflicting this movie on her. We’d been warned by other Aamir lovers that Dhoom 3 is not for the faint-hearted. …