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We Are Like This Only

Apparently Air India is not very popular with Indians. I’ve heard this from the time IT opened up the doors to global travel. This was more than a decade ago when, for most of us, travel luxury was defined by Shatabdi. All of a sudden, the very same fellows who did jugaad for train berths were discussing service in Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, BA and so on. Some of them spoke as if they had to sit next to the pilot to give him directions. But mention Air India and chi-thu would start. The two big issues are apparently the rude service and ‘aunty type’ hostesses. I’ve never understood this need for apsaras to serve you food just because you happen to be in an aeroplane. And rude service? It is a necessity....almost by popular demand.
If Air India flew directly to my destination, I’d travel by no other carrier. This has got nothing to do with patriotism. First of all, like the fabled Indian hospitality, Air India is so very generous about the luggage limits. And I so love the vibrant…