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Book review - Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

After months of arduous literary reading (some of which made me pull my hair out); I decided to treat myself to a good old crime thriller. ‘Gone Girl’ came highly recommended; and I grabbed a copy. It was a pleasant couple of days, I must say.
‘Gone Girl’ written by Gillian Flynn comes with heavy-duty reviews. My copy came with an eye-catching orange label that screamed “‘Thriller of the year’- Observer”. Well, I tell ya...I was salivating as I turned page to 1.
So there’s Amy and Nick Dunne - love birds who get married. Amy is rich, famous, accomplished, beautiful, funny...the perfect vision men have for a wife. Nick is working class, sloppy, lopsided, warm, sense of humour, easy going – a perfect boyfriend. Perhaps not an ideal husband. Five years down the line, their marriage is on the rocks. Both of them are made redundant, and while Amy has plush funds to back her up – Nick is ass-broke. He gets to know his mother has a terminal illness, and decides to move back to his home to…