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The Business Of God

There is a very famous anecdote about Sri Ramanujacharya, the greatest Srivaishnava Guru. ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ is a sacred 8-syllable mantra that is considered very powerful. Ramanujacharya sought initiation from another great guru called Nambi in order to do this japa. It is said that Nambi denied initiation for 18 times, testing the resolve of the young Ramanuja. Finally, having initiated Ramanuja into the japa, Nambi warned him to be very discrete in revealing the mantra, otherwise he would face harsh karmic punishment.
Having learnt the mantra, Ramanuja promptly scaled a temple gopura and yelled the mantra over and over again – so that each and every person passing by heard it and learnt it. His logic was simple – since the mantra is so powerful, surely it will benefit mankind. So why keep it a secret? Even if he has to face dire consequences, so be it – if millions find salvation, it is indeed worth a journey to hell! This probably took place somewhere between 1037 and 1047 AD.



This is not a paranormal blog. Yet, the horror is real.’ve fallen in love. You just can’t stop thinking about that person. Just can’t. You yearn for those moments of togetherness. You can’t imagine a life without him/her. You feel you can battle the whole world for this one person; you can do anything for his/her happiness. Ah! Falling in love is the best narcotic isn’t it?
In a good relationship, the heady feeling settles down. Contentment envelops you; your love no longer rages like a lava-spewing volcano. Instead it is a warm fire on a cold winter night. To get to that point, it takes years of togetherness. It takes some amount of taking each other for granted. But when does something so beautiful turn into a terrifying ordeal? When does it become a game of control – a nightmare for one person? They say when you are in the eye of a storm; everything appears calm around you, even though you are in mortal danger. Similarly, when you are a victim of abuse, you start just…