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Agent Vs Spy


I was trying to catch up on the budget on an online news portal, but the highlights were well tucked away amidst folds of other important news. News such as the naming of a certain baby, or the showing of a certain boobie. But the news that did catch my attention was Saifu talking about one agent Vinod. ‘Whom did he punch now?’ I mused as I perused the article. I realized Agent Vinod is a movie title. In the interview Saifu vehemently denied that this Vinod fellow is a copy of James Bond. I heaved a sigh of relief. After all Bond is a childhood sweetheart, and I jealously guard this first love with all the schizophrenia I can muster.

Saifu then nonchalantly went on to add that in fact, Agent Vinod can kick Bond and Bourne in their respective asses. I suppose it is true. Let us leave Bourne out of the equation – that bloke has memory problems, and does not even have the common sense to tattoo messages on his body to remember things by and by.
Coming to Bond, it is true that this p…

Stolen Summers

Spring is here, and soon summer will blaze in. Mommies are already talking about summer camps. Swimming, martial arts, painting, gardening, baking...children today are so accomplished that sometimes I am intimidated by their intelligence and skills. Even so, it is sad to see that adulthood crumples up all these talents into the smallest ball possible, and stuffs it into the most unreachable corner of the mind. So much so, many of us can never retrieve our long lost interests for as long as we live.
But I don’t have that problem. You see, I tried to recollect my summer vacations. And I can’t remember a single accomplishment that resulted from talent-nurturing-during-summer-hols. So no regrets there, I continue to do nothing! But then, I reflect incredulously – whatever didI do during the summer holidays? It was a time when there was no telephone, no internet, no T.V., no FM, no summer camps – it appears like a frame out of Flintstones. To top it all, I grew up in bustling Bangalore – so…