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Strictly Come Dieting

I’ve never got the hang of ‘dieting’. Ever. I so admire people who are able to stick to a weight-loss diet; I don’t envy the diet, but I do envy their will-power. But there’s another reason why I can never associate the word ‘diet’ with seriousness.
I think it was only when my weight hit a particular number (if it were marks, I would have won a medal at my degree course for sure), that I contemplated on a serious diet. I knew that a diet without a proper exercise is useless, but taking time out for the gym was impossible in my schedule. I was also happy to see that all my team members had similar issues. The only difference was that they were all guys, and I was the only girl.
Once, I caught two of them cribbing. Both have the same first names. Both had become gigantic. And I remember both had been lean when they joined the team. As we sat sipping coffee, these two kept calling each other unpleasant names. Finally one of them turned to me and said, ‘I have become fat because of thi…

Is that a weapon? Is that a machine?

Image's a handbag.
When anything in the house gets misplaced, the first place we check is in my handbag. It is irritating – as if my handbag has a Potter wand and says ‘accio’. Also, it implies that I might be responsible for the ‘misplacement’, and as if for some reason, I keep shoving everything into my purse. I mean it has become some kind of a standard reflex answer.
‘I can’t find the nail cutter.’
‘Check in your handbag.’
‘I can’t find the glue stick.’
‘Check in your handbag.’
‘I can’t find the TV remote.’
‘It should be on the dining table. Else, check in your handbag.’
I mean really. There is a limit for accusing me of this behavioural disorder. But I can’t blame The Husband entirely. I’m known to maintain fully loaded handbags; in complete readiness and anticipation of any unforeseen event – good or bad.
I know that things were simple decades and decades ago. The ‘handbag’ was a small 2 inch by 2 inch purse in which some loose change could be wedged between no…

Lessons from Narasimha Avatara

According to me, no other avataras of Maha Vishnu is as powerful and captivating as the Narasimha Avatara. As a child, this story of little Prahlada being hounded by Hiranyakashipu was my favourite. The entire story is so dramatic and mesmerising. Even today, when I imagine the scene where the Lord appears from the pillar in a thunderous roar, I get goosebumps.
All through childhood, this was another story demonstrating the power of Good over Evil. Today, as I contemplate on the story, I realize the wonderful demonstration of the laws of karma and maya.
One might say today we are all surrounded by Hiranyakashipus. I disagree. Today, we are surrounded by the basest forms of humans. Even the lower-most asura had a code of honour. Hiranyakashipu was scholarly, disciplined and learned ruler. After all, it takes tremendous sadhana to have Brahma Himself grant the most improbable boons. Yet, through his single-minded perseverance, Hiryanyakashipu managed to extract a boon that for all pr…

In Hot Water


Some people need Jacuzzis. Some people need gold-plated taps. Some people need antique bathtubs. Some people need ‘shower temples’ which can direct water at the body from a million different angles. For me, bathing luxury is just hot water. Even if it is in a plastic bucket. And since irony double underlines my life all the time, I’ve landed in a country obsessed with bathrooms, yet, they have heating systems that go berserk often.
It was in our first residence in UK, which was actually a matchbox disguised as a house, that I came face-to-face with The Boiler. A monstrous metal box, about five-feet high, with all kinds of counters and pressure valves, sat in a closet. I was told that all the settings have been made, and there’s really no need to even peek into this closet. Of course, on one cold, rainy day, no hot water came out of the taps. The pressure cooker and other ‘large’ pots and pans meant for the occasional pulav-when-guests-come were promptly employed to heat water on…