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Tell Me Your Creams

...and I'll tell you your age!
The realization that I am growing old hit me acutely. Not because I suddenly felt my brain is bursting with new found wisdom. Not because my joints are all creaky. Not because another goddamn birthday is round the corner. But because the cosmetics I usually buy have longer and longer names. It’s no longer just some ‘lotion’ or ‘cream’. Its pro-this-that with-this-that molecules/extracts.
When I was a kid, I remember the predominant term used for face cream was ‘snow’. Yes. I remember a lovely dark blue/indigo bottle which contained a white cream with a heavenly fragrance. It was called ‘Afghan snow’. I guess it was expensive – I had always seen these bottles in my friend’s place. Her mom used to work in a bank or someplace, and this bottle was a guarded treasure. This was enough reason for my friend and me to stealthily slather on this cream on our face and hands and legs and giggle. Finally her mom made a pact with us – she will give us the empty …