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I look forward to journeys more than the destinations. Having said that, I am not much of a traveller. I dislike getting up early in the morning to get to some place, unless there is some compelling reason. A trip to Sundarbans was compelling enough for me to lose sleep.
During our India trip this December, The Husband and I had booked ourselves into a 24-hour Sundarban river cruise organized by the West Bengal tourism department. The motivation was not the chance to spot a Royal Bengal, but just the idea of being in the middle of nowhere.
On a cold morning (yes, Kolkata was brutally cold this winter), we reported to the tourism office (I think it was near Priya Cinema, Deshapriya park). In fact, the cold surprised me – the howling wind was the culprit. Inside the office, it was warm and cozy. Seating arrangements had been made to accommodate all the tourists. Steaming chai was being served while we waited for our buses. LCD TVs were playing WB tourism DVDs. All of us with red-rimm…