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Cricket and I

I am one of those creatures who curl up with a cross-word puzzle on a quiet evening. Or, I could sit and watch a programme about ants on Animal Planet. Sometimes I wonder how I've even managed to get a husband. Sure proof of divine intervention. Anyway, I am possibly a part of the minuscule percentage in India on whom cricket has no effect. Or any sport for that matter. Ignorance, in this case, is truly bliss. For others that is. This ignorance of cricket has made me very popular. Ummm...Not in a Katrina Kaif sort of way - possibly more like a Goundumani-Senthil, or Johnny Lever...get the picture, right?
There was a time when cricket was going through a very bad patch. I guess it was the time when there was a tiff between a coach and a captain and life in India came to an end. At work, clients be damned - this issue was dissected in every possible angle; without conclusions. Some wanted to do terrible, violent things to the coach. Some wanted to spank the captain. I wanted to stu…